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MONDAY, April 14th 2014

game of thrones, season 4 episode 2 the lion and the rose

the whodunnit episode.  every tv show has one & game of thrones is no better.  remember last week when i said i was "SO excited for the royal wedding"?  whatever i was expecting it wasn't this.  joffrey is dead and it's a welcome death - shocking, but welcome.  the stability that came with joffrey as king is an exciting loss compared to the soul crushing loss of rob stark.  i've finally come out the other side of "the nothing" the red wedding forced me to face and see only opportunity in joffrey's death!  the ripple effect is going to be thrilling. 

after my initial shock at the king's gross poison induced demise my mind raced through a list of possible culprits.  _everyone_ had a motive and everyone potentially had the opportunity to do it, those clever filmmakers!  my imagination ran wild.  was it margaery?  she _is_ queen now and i wouldn't want to sleep with joffrey either.  how about margaery's grandmother?  she's feisty.  was it tywin, just cause.  was it sansa seeking revenge for her family?  the only person i don't think capable is cersei -- but wait come to think of it she was a little peeved at having to relinquish her title as queen -- hmm would she murder her own child?  whodunnit?  oberyn, was present and pissing people off with his grudge.  but how would he have gotten to the cup?  sansa at least picked up the cup, so did margaery, so did tyrion.  was it tyrion?!  no, i'm pretty sure it wasn't.    i also don't think it was jamie.  but am i a fool for not considering him?  DAMN you game of thrones!  I don't know who did it and i'm scared i will never know!  this is what the red scare must have been like or an agatha christie novel.  at the rate this show divulges it's secrets i'm destined to yearn for answers for several more seasons.

i suppose it doesn't really matter.  what matters now is what is going to happen?!  little brother lannister is now king?  how does it work?  in the interim is margaery queen or does cersei serve as regent again?  does the marriage count since it was never consummated?  prepare for a power grab.  where is daenerys and grey worm when you need them.

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