Thursday, September 12, 2013

take away show

way cool phoenix...and yeah, that's versailles.  _in fact_, the blogothéque's whole take away show series is pretty amazing.

via The Fox Is Black

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

kinetic garments

look what i found... Ying Gao's sound activated kinetic garments.  these creations fill me with questions: why would one  _need_ sound activated kinetic garments?
the project was built around the idea of uncertainty.  both garments are activated by the spectator's voice.  through the motion of the pins, the garments engage the spectator on a conversational level, which is filled with misunderstanding(s) and uncertainty.
oh, well then; why would anyone _want_ to engage in a conversation that was purposefully filled with misunderstanding and uncertainty?!...because it makes you feel the way the videos (below) make you feel.

*excuse me miss DON'T MOVE - i think there is something alive on your dress thing...

(no)where(now)here : 2 gaze-activated dresses by ying gao from ying gao on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

this girl

this girl knows where it's at.  see what her face is doing there? the subtext her body position conveys? the subtle je ne c'est quoi her sweatpants emit? i feel that way about the world & the people in it approximately fifty percent of the time i breath -- the remaining time is spent in the fetal position with waves of anxiety and inadequacy lapping at my feet...this of course doesn't account for sleeping and drug/alcohol use.  

photo by emily hope