Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the shores of lake geneva

why is lake geneva so cool?  not only do they have bragging rights to "the birthplace of frankenstien & the inspiration for dracula" --  playing host to that mythical weekend john polidori, lord byron, mary & percy shelley spent together -- they are the locale of the montreux jazz festival.  i must admit i'm not a huge jazz fan or music festival fiend (one time i went to a bluegrass festival in telluride) but these temporary installations by bureau make me desperate to visit...
the project's neon signs reinterpret the character tony soprano's the 'bada bing' night strip-club from the famous HBO series - an expression also used by sonny corleone in the film the godfather.  - designboom
how perfect! i ALSO love the sopranos & sonny corleone's hairy chest...and sunsets.  i love sunsets _too_ lake geneva.  fyi - it would cost about $200 to get a personalized neon sign of one's own.  what?! i checked. a girl can dream.

images by dylan perrenoud


i found this the other day -- a list of illustrated untranslatable words -- and they are wonderful. the one below (iktsuarpok) caught my attention. Iktsuarpok consumes my dog's every waking moment, except of course for the moments she is stealing underwear from our hamper.

i'm more of a cafuné girl myself.
cafuné - (brazilian portuguese) to repeatedly run your fingers through someone's hair.  usually done in a soft and affectionate manner.  yes, please.
now look at my dog.  total iktsuarpok, amiright?

Monday, August 26, 2013


this guy in some fancy design school has created this...  
When printing, "Stack" slowly moves downwards and swallows the pile until no paper is left.  The paper disappears under the printer and exits on top, where it creates a new pile.
i'm not going to lie, it's pretty awesome.  however, the fact that this excites me -- scares me.  i have been working in an office for much too long.  p.s. A4 paper blows.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

overdue validation

today at work i stumbled upon something, something that made me very happy -- slutever.  i am enthralled by her...a female dan savage type who's articles leave my mouth agape with a delicate mixture of horror & "living vicariously through" her ennui.  it's awesome BUT not the point.  the point is in a post from 2007 i came across this...
However, since getting over my existential crisis, I have developed a pretty serious case of insomnia. This is the fourth night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve tried everything—reading, counting sheep, masturbation—nothing works. It’s 6:30am at the moment. I’ve just finished watching She’s the Man—a gem of modern cinema
did you catch that?! "She's the Man - a gem of modern cinema" "GEM OF MODERN CINEMA!" karley slutever is my soulmate.  despite the insomnia and existential crisis i think we all know that truer words have never been spoken.  Her 2007-self and my 2007-self should be friends...except she probably would want nothing to do with me because in 2007 i was still a virgin living at my parent's house...

and yeah, that's a butt.  take that world! that lavender underwear clad (& slightly erotic) full moon is for trying to make me doubt myself and my exquisite taste. remember! channing tatum was in that movie and i saw his potential before all of you.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

remember remember remember

Thursday, August 15 2013

why did i have to make this?
why haven't i seen this on the internet?

i'm gonna live forever.  
i'm gonna learn how to fly.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

thank heavens

thank heavens

I want to marry these photos by Osama Yokonami via boom.  
I can't stop looking at them: running girls, dancing girls, girls with secrets, girls in a huddle!   
I can't decide which is my favorite...but I suppose I don't have to.  
Girls -- we run the world.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

love crumbs


This is my dog Bertie.  I spend most of my free time taking photos of her and watching her sleep.