Tuesday, August 20, 2013

overdue validation

today at work i stumbled upon something, something that made me very happy -- slutever.  i am enthralled by her...a female dan savage type who's articles leave my mouth agape with a delicate mixture of horror & "living vicariously through" her ennui.  it's awesome BUT not the point.  the point is in a post from 2007 i came across this...
However, since getting over my existential crisis, I have developed a pretty serious case of insomnia. This is the fourth night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve tried everything—reading, counting sheep, masturbation—nothing works. It’s 6:30am at the moment. I’ve just finished watching She’s the Man—a gem of modern cinema
did you catch that?! "She's the Man - a gem of modern cinema" "GEM OF MODERN CINEMA!" karley slutever is my soulmate.  despite the insomnia and existential crisis i think we all know that truer words have never been spoken.  Her 2007-self and my 2007-self should be friends...except she probably would want nothing to do with me because in 2007 i was still a virgin living at my parent's house...

and yeah, that's a butt.  take that world! that lavender underwear clad (& slightly erotic) full moon is for trying to make me doubt myself and my exquisite taste. remember! channing tatum was in that movie and i saw his potential before all of you.

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