Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the shores of lake geneva

why is lake geneva so cool?  not only do they have bragging rights to "the birthplace of frankenstien & the inspiration for dracula" --  playing host to that mythical weekend john polidori, lord byron, mary & percy shelley spent together -- they are the locale of the montreux jazz festival.  i must admit i'm not a huge jazz fan or music festival fiend (one time i went to a bluegrass festival in telluride) but these temporary installations by bureau make me desperate to visit...
the project's neon signs reinterpret the character tony soprano's the 'bada bing' night strip-club from the famous HBO series - an expression also used by sonny corleone in the film the godfather.  - designboom
how perfect! i ALSO love the sopranos & sonny corleone's hairy chest...and sunsets.  i love sunsets _too_ lake geneva.  fyi - it would cost about $200 to get a personalized neon sign of one's own.  what?! i checked. a girl can dream.

images by dylan perrenoud

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