Sunday, April 6, 2014

coachella hater/wannabe

coachella hater/wannabe

so - my best friend/same sex soulmate is going to coachella this year and i'm not.  and i really don't care (aside from the fact that i would love to be in hot palm springs wearing nothing but a bathing suit soaking up the sun), music festivals just don't _really_ do it for me.  ANYWAY - my best friend/same sex soulmate keeps telling me that i should have a "fashion blog."  After a period of intense laughter and self depreciation - I decided to FUCK IT.  I'm not doing anything else.  I have nothing going for me - I mean, being an office pa in los angeles is pretty demanding and life fulfilling......kill me.

brain - this one's for you.  this is what i would wear if i was by your side un-showered sweating to death at coachella...but i never will be and it's definitely a _good_ idea.  dripping sarcasm.

american apparel crop top
rad shorts i found at the renegade craft fair
mucho aloha fanny pack via hawaii
super high swedish hasbeens seafoam green

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