Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the vinci massacre

the vinci massacre
WEDNESDAY, July 15th 2015

finally.  something exciting and not dumb happened on true detective this season and it was the last fifteen minutes of down will come.  just when i had vowed to give up on the show (well not really, my tolerance for horrible tv is divine) if i was subjected to _another_ insulting scene between vince vaughn and his wife about getting pregnant their philosophies on having children - kill me - i wasn't.  instead, i was offered a giant heap of awesome violence and massacre.  am i that easy? clearly.

up until sunday night's stunt the best things about true detective were: the depressing lounge singer, the below image from the credits and the teaser for the leftovers.  and, well, i do like seeing that tim riggins is employable. here's hoping the show gets better AKA vince vaughn's character dies and i never have to hear him deliver a line again.

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