Saturday, October 10, 2015

SOA Dolla Bills

SOA Dolla Bills
SATURDAY, October 10th 2015

what did sons of anarchy spend their seven season's of budgets on?  i have a few ideas: daily tattoo application, gunshot wounds, leather, belts to be worn exclusively over the shirt, charlie hunnam's salary (since he was such a success in pacific rim and NO i'm not being sarcastic - i legit loved that movie) and, oh yeah, going to "ireland" _must_ have drained some resources as well.

also, WHAT IS RACHEL MENKENS DOING IN THIS SHOW?!?! and is ron perlman a good actor? or do we all just love him for him?  hey man, i voted for hand of god

i have three seasons to go, lets see if i make it.  who am i kidding...of course i'll make it, i was born to  ride watch tv.

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