Tuesday, April 8, 2014

banana joes is better than you

banana joes is better than you
TUESDAY, April 8th 2014

i realize the above statement might be false but it's probably not - banana joes is most definitely better than me.  i need to go back to kauai "the jumping off point" (for those of you mad men lovers).  i feel like a 90's drew barrymore bad ass in this outfit - i think the daisy print is _really_ intimidating when paired with my "shit kicker" (ewan mcgregor) boots.  you wanna piece of me?! you love me?! you love me not?! yeah, pull those petals off like a lil' bit-- yelling. i digress.  i also feel like i really embraced the r.kelly "i believe i can fly" attitude.  dear god, this blog is just a justification for playing dress up.....

daisy dress, EXCLUSIVE target line
purple leather jacket...umm sale on overstock.com?
buckle boots from frye
banana joe's hat (piece de resistance) $15 @ Banana Joe's Hawaii

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