Saturday, April 12, 2014


SATURDAY, April 12th 2014

i guess i'm a fannibal.  season 2 episodes 6 & 7

it took me season 1 and multiple av club reviews before i really committed to hannibal and i guess i'm glad i did.  the show is filled with shoddy fbi work, some terrible acting & lots of body horror but at it's heart it's just a  touching relationship between two men - two serial killers - no, one serial killer and one man with special seeing powers into the mind of serial killers: will graham (aka claire danes' husband) & hannibal lector.  in the inconsistent world of their flip flopping/incompetent costars these two stand strong and focused.  will knows what hannibal is (a man who will make you eat your own leg -- yes it happened) and hannibal just wants a friend.  it's rather touching and rare to find two people who can be so honest with each other on television.   boiled down the show is just a body horror bromance.

that being said - i enjoy it so much so that i am willing to forgive some of it's flaws.  for example, will's release at the end of futamono.  did everyone forget that he vomited the ear of "his victim?"  or was there always evidence that didn't support his incarceration?  i forgive bryan fuller for making fools out of morpheus and fbi lab technicians everywhere as they eagerly follow any and every lead hannibal directs them to (as a bones fan I know this depiction is not accurate).  i also forgive how quickly will is taken back into the fold -- remember the ear vomiting thing?!  _we_ know he isn't guilty but no one else does.  how can they rationalize that?  alas, all is forgiven.  watching eddie izzard eat his own leg and giving anna chlumsky & gillian anderson work is enough to endear me.  

now that i'm all caught up, the ending of yakimono had will zeroed in on a hannibal take down.  his weapon: therapy.  i couldn't be more excited to watch the battle ensue.

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