Saturday, April 12, 2014

wanna be middle schooler

wanna be middle schooler
SATURDAY, April 12th 2014

as i've mentioned before i grew up in the southwest pretty close to the border.  along with border issues and embarrassing politics - ahem - governors -  there are fashion issues.  in middle school i desperately wanted to be a chola.  i wore short shorts and super high white sport socks and black Adidas low tops.  i wished my hair was curly and i could wear lipstick - i wanted to be cool, ok?!  but alas i was very white and very uncool.  this outfit was inspired by that little 11 year old in me.  now if only i was brave enough to wear this outside of my bathroom.... 


american apparel one piece
forever 21 denim shorts
vintage jaguar broach & bracelet
shoes, i have no idea...they say made in china

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