Friday, May 23, 2014


FRIDAY, May 23 2014

i just binged on the third season of revenge.  it only took me three days - to be clear that is twenty two episodes in three days.  twenty hours of tv in seventy two hours.  i may not be in the best place in my life.  regardless, i'm taking pride in my accomplishment - it was quite a feat.

as i rounded episode 20, 21 & 22 i realized how impressive it was for a show with such constant high stakes and ludicrous antics to string me along for twenty two hours. why god? why?  some/most of the show's plot twists and turns are exhausting and annoying -- revenge's only saving grace is its blatant unapologetic dramatics and cheesiness...and madeline stowe, more on that later.  it's all eye roll worthy.  

revenge is a trashy soap opera underneath the facade of madeline stowe.  who, by the way, looks amazing.  the star of last of the mohicans is remarkably talented at crying, looking shocked, masking all her lies, looking hateful, pretending to kill someone, actually killing someone, having multiple affairs, having multiple children from different fathers and breaking the news to said children, spewing venom, trying to be murdered, looking scorned, looking heart broken, having rape flashbacks, the list goes one.  she just takes my breath away.

so go watch revenge...or don't and just rent last of the mohicans it's basically the same.  I WILL FIND YOU!  I WILL FIND YOU!   

this is my best emily thorne/amanda clarke in action look.  enjoy.

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