Friday, April 18, 2014

water water everywhere

water water everywhere
FRIDAY, April 18th 2014

i _know_ i shouldn't complain but monday through thursday is a tv drought!  especially when shows that air wednesday (ahem ahem nashville) take a week off.  i should clarify that i don't actually have live tv.  this always leaves me a day behind everything and, aside from the occasional annoyance (like missing award shows), i don't think i would change it.  i find pride and pleasure in sticking it to the cable conglomerates knowing one day all channels will be available through online subscription --- i have a right to choose what channels i pay for!   ...even though i don't pay for most of my tv subscriptions: my boyfriend has amazon prime tv, my parents set us up with their hbogo & netflix account & i shell out 7.99 a month for hulu plus.  that about has us covered.  

trying to channel scarlet o'connor again in my outfit.


dress, free people

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