Friday, March 13, 2015

last five years

last five years
FRIDAY, March 13 2015

i finally ramped up enough enthusiasm to watch the last five years to outweigh my fear of the soul crushing depression i would fall into after watching it.  good news everyone - it wasn't successful.  the material lost so much meat in the translation from stage to film.  it's clear that well intentioned richard lagravenese didn't know how to handle jason robert brown's piece.  usually (onstage) all, but one, of the songs are performed alone... understandably this doesn't work for film so lagravenese force's us to watch one actor perform their little heart out and the other buzz around awkwardly like a annoying gnat.  it is utterly deflating.  in all fairness this worked once - the schmuel song.

other than that anna kendrick is a star.  the other guy - exactly - was a let down.  jamie has some of my favorite songs and i didn't care one ounce for them.  it's the first time i've _wanted_ to see norbert leo grace the silver screen.  anna kendrick stole the show.  i would say "don't waste your time" but i mean....don't?

woah - scott tobias and i are literally the same person.  except...he is a better writer, ok!? I KNOW! i'm not totally delusional.  jesus gimmie a break guys.  READ his review.

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