Monday, April 27, 2015

pete campbell said "poop"

pete campbell said "poop"
MONDAY, April 27th 2015

the last most cherished season of mad men is a slog for me.  it's the last thing we used to do together that exists in the whole world!!!  i can't wait for it to be over....but i never want it to end.  what a fucking metaphor.  anyway.  i'm losing the battle. i'll never fall in love again and i'll never be successful.

mad men time & life made me laugh out loud all alone (see above) so many times.  so many poop jokes surrounded pete.  he even SAID "poop" out loud on screen.  it was marvelous.  this was his episode.  runner up was ted chaough - his face when pharmaceuticals was gifted to him in the meeting with mccann was priceless.  oh yeah.  peggy had a poignant moment with stan, the "oh wait! we gotta wrap up peggy's baby story for the audience, make them feel safe and warm and happy" moment.  which is rare for the show - audience condescension isn't really their bag.   elizabeth moss has never looked better.

my life is the ending of this episode.  me trying to tell myself (the evacuating audience) that "this isn't the end.  it's the beginning of something new."  yeah right.  fuck.  i miss diana.  so much.

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