Tuesday, June 2, 2015

for your consideration

for your consideration
TUESDAY, June 2nd 2015

it's emmy campaign season here in la and i feel, very powerfully, that someone is being overlooked: scorpions.  capable of massive range, they are giving some of the most memorable performances of the season.  

best comedic performance in a series: scorpion as SCORPION, orphan black.  
best dramatic performance in series: scorpion as SCORPION, penny dreadful.   

sag = scorpion actors guild.  i suppose we should have seen this total screen domination coming when the scorpion upstaged robin williams in shelley duvall's faerie tale theatre: the frog prince.  yes, that is teri garr in bed with robin williams dressed as a frog fencing a scorpion.  yes, yes, it is.

i fucking hate scorpions.

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