Monday, April 20, 2015

sticky fingers

sticky fingers
MONDAY, April 20th 2015

the forecast was a weird one for me.  i tend not to like it when i can feel the creator's sticky little paw prints all over an episode.  this one felt like matt weiner the middle aged white man exploring his own life and imminent crisis.  it also didn't help that his son made a reappearance.  i realize how hypocritical it is for me to be critical of this because so much of why i LOVE this show is because of matt i can't quite figure it out.  maybe i just hate the plight of the middle aged white male and last night they laid it on thick.

BaBAM though, hunky charlie weiner.  i feel like he begged his dad to let him come on the show one more time so america could see his transformation from pudgy weirdo to young joaquin phoenix.  the scene between betty, sally and him was one of the weirdest and worst acted things i've ever seen BUT i loved it.  so clunky, so good.  it's a style unique to mad men.

peggy's moment with don discussing the future was incredible.  she is so clear and focused and driven.  i envy her until i remember the price she paid for it all.  the price joan paid for her life has seemingly made her boring and bitter (too harsh?).  she has been sour this entire season.  she's lost the flirty "joan gets her way" charm, rightfully so, she's fucking rich now she doesn't have to put up with all that male bullshit anymore - oh wait - she still does...she's like a deflating ballon with a chip on its' shoulder.  i want happiness for her as well.  i'm disappointed she's finding it in a man in a leisure suit.  


- burst out laughing with the peon tried to deliver don's joke to the client.  how come people don't get it?  pete gets it.  pete GETS don.
- the fact that they haven't changed joan's living room color the entire series has worn me down.  i want a salmon colored living room.
- ken is so depressing now.  i almost hate him.  it makes me sad.

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