Monday, April 13, 2015

diana diana diana

diana diana diana
MONDAY, April 13th 2015

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhadkjcnaslkmejwfoelsk dear god! i know _really_ eloquent critical thinking happening right here.  new business might be my favorite episode of mad men ever.  matt weiner went into my brain, mined my deepest desires then went beyond and gave me things i didn't even know i wanted.  jesus h christ.

last night's episode was RIVETING.  don and diana.  diana.  diana.  i'm already a sucker for broken female characters who leave their children (like i said matt weiner went into my brain) but this was just brilliant.  diana's plot line is the perfect manifestation of what don is doing and has been doing all series long.  she is stuck - except she is _not_ hiding it from herself.  she acknowledges and lives in her pain, unwilling to let go.  she is honest.  don is STUCK too - except he tricks himself into thinking he isn't.  he runs from his pain so aggressively and blindly that he constantly leaves ruined people in his wake (ahem megan, which is why this episode coupled so perfectly with her goodbye).   diana held up a mirror to don and he was befuddled.  she won't run and he's too old to be running.  

i fear we won't see diana again.  which kills me - cause i'm like don.  i like to run.  i want them to be rescued, i want them to make each other whole.  but i'll settle for the dull deep ache of knowing that everything was possible and nothing was possible.  those are embers that can keep one going for years.


- oh roger.  i forgive you because i just can't not.  that mustache.
- gross.  harry crane.  we all fucking knew you were a skeezbag, now we have proof.
- i live for the car rides.  the production quality is so shitty which only highlights how powerful the content is.  no horrible greenscreen can bring them down!
-  1 million dollars in 1970 is the equivalent of 6.1 million today. holy fuck.  don't feel so bad for megan any more. nope. nope. nope.
- diana is def wearing a crashdown (roswell) uniform.  i love when my favorite shows collide...even if only in my mind.

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