Monday, June 8, 2015

pretentious art films from the 80s

pretentious art films from the 80s
MONDAY, June 8th 2015

“every director who comes to the show gets the same lecture,” says fuller (showrunner/creator of hannibal). “we are not making television. we are making a pretentious art film from the 80s.”

primavera, episode 2, season 3 of hannibal, finally welcomed will graham back to the silver screen, clarified some hanging questions about the end of season 2 and to my complete and utter surprise showcased one of the most intensely romantic scenes i've ever seen. anywhere. ever.  it was enrapturing.  i was enraptured.  and i think i might have started to cry.  will and hannibal share a love and understanding of each other that i will never experience.  they KNOW, literally, they KNOW each other's soul.  they are my new relationship aspiration.

hannibal slices will's stomach, then holds him close as he begins to bleed out.  they cling together.  they cling together.  hannibal gently guides will to the floor.

Hannibal: Now you know me.  See me. 

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