Friday, June 5, 2015

meta reality

meta reality
FRIDAY, June 5th 2015

i'm a massive teen mom fan (all the seasons - despite the negative ramifications on my soul).  so you can imagine how fucking _elated_ i was to see that the original girls were coming back for another season.  another season, that unexpectedly & deeply satisfied my voyeur within in a whole new way.  the new season of teen mom og acknowledges what the show actually is -- NO i don't mean a trashy exploitative waste of my life -- I MEAN a reality show.  for the first time the cameras, camera people and producers are being incorporated on screen.  it's a new level of reality, it's meta reality.  the producers are my new favorite characters.  which leads me to...

is reality finally dying? do the masses (me and all the other 16 year old girls in america) finally want to know the truth? is the jig up? are we getting smarter?  WE ARE.  at least...i choose to believe we are and this new "meta reality" show proves it.   it's the genre's way of trying to save itself from obsoletion. bravo teen mom og.  bravo morgan j. freeman, dia sokol savage and lauren dolgen!  you aren't just names on hand drawn credits anymore. you are stars (sorta).  you strut your ability to herd and manipulate hormonal teen moms with all sorts of issues at all costs to make a great show!  or this is all horrible.

cut to: unreal.

following suit i just watched the pilot of lifetime's unreal and LOVED IT.  it's the best pilot i've seen in years.  the premise is: the life of a freelance reality producer (see dia sokol and lauren dolgen above) strutting her ability to herd and manipulate hormonal adult women with all sorts of issues at all costs to make a great dating competition show.  now, because this show IS scripted one of the pilot's themes is the negative ramifications on the soul of said manipulators, played by the shining star shiri appleby.   _thank god_ i follow the careers of all the roswell actors otherwise i would never have known anything about this show. go watch it.  and full circle, being majorly obsessed with a wb show as a teen DOES pay distracts you from getting pregnant and starring in teen mom.  you're welcome parents.

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