Wednesday, April 16, 2014

let the sun shine in

let the sun shine in
WEDNESDAY, April 16th 2014

season 7 episode 1 time zones

as don sits alone shivering on his balcony staring at his broken sliding glass door i can't help but think "you can't keep the cold out" (actually i didn't think that, my boyfriend did but it got ME thinking...).  this season opener was fucking grim.  everyone is miserable, everyone except for pete.  in comparison, pete was such a joy to see onscreen.  i never thought i would be saying this six seasons ago but that little pathetic fucker has really grown on me.  back to misery: don and megan are not good, peggy fell to the floor and sobbed at the end of the episode & i nearly panicked because i legitimately thought don might jump off the balcony.  after last season's finale i foolishly thought we would be seeing some change -- keyword FOOLISH.  of course no one changed.  people do not change that easily if ever and mad men is, above all, a show about people existing.  no matter what small breakthroughs don/dick has or what peggy overcomes they are the same.  no matter what lies they tell themselves they "can't keep the cold out."  

time zones forebodes that the final season of mad men could involve people (ahem, don) finally being honest with who they are and just...existing with it.  hmmm, honestly may be asking too much of them, broken vessel and all (ok fine...i'm mostly talking about don...only don).

confession:  i read _all_ the mad men reviews before i wrote mine.  despite the fact that my head was swirling with their insights and observations i think i added to the conversation (with myself) instead of just regurgitating.  i just couldn't help it.  i love emily nussbaum of the new yorker and todd vanderwerff of the av club.  i even indulge in tom & lorenzo's mad style on wednesday.  I LOVE THEM.  my favorite part of monday is sitting down and reading their astute and mind blowing thoughts  about the show.  they make me feel like a mere peon when it comes to interpreting EVERYTHING.  next week i promise i'll refrain...but maybe i won't.

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