Thursday, April 17, 2014

pizza in the morning

pizza in the morning
THURSDAY, April 17th 2014

i love pizza.  so imagine my elation when i stumbled across this bad boy  - "it MUST be mine!" i thought.  $30 later (w/ shipping) and 2 weeks of wait time it was.  

my relationship with pizza is a complicated one.  i want it _all_ the time.  and by it i mean all of it: bad pizza, good pizza, ok pizza & great pizza.  but wait - the worst/best part of this life long love affair is that my boyfriend and i opened a wood fired pizza place in bluff, utah three years ago (random i know & a long story) but needless to say he is GREAT at making the stuff.  i have the best pizza at home at my fingertips at anytime, taunting me, teasing me, calling to me!  curses!  why can't i eat pizza all the time?!  oh right.  alas, i will just have to settle for keeping pizza close to my heart instead of in my stomach.  fuck, i really want pizza now.

white pleated skirt, american apparel 
pizza shirt, etsy
aviators, ray ban

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