Tuesday, April 15, 2014

veep vs. scandal

veep vs. scandal
TUESDAY, April 15th 2014

there is no comparison except for the fact that they are both about political campaigns for the presidency.  selena vs fitz.  imagine it.  the queen of bullshitting vs the dreamy baguette.  selena has anna chlumpsky, fitz has olivia pope.  who would you choose?  eternal excitement and high stakes await behind fitz's oval office door (bombs, affairs, secret organizations, true love) whereas selena's promises plenty of not pissing anyone off, pig roasts & laughs.  

thank goodness we don't have to choose; veep airs sunday - scandal airs thursday...and thank god house of cards is over for now.

this is my working girl inspired look although i think i unintentionally nailed dustin hoffman in tootsie..  and yes, by working girl i mean the 1980's masterpiece staring a young melanie griffith and my goddess sigourney weaver.  let the river flow...

sparkly loafers, steve madden
sparkly business woman jacket, urban outfitters
taupe checkered dress, goodwill
vintage karl lagerfeld earrings, buffalo exchange
glasses, durand warby parker

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