Tuesday, April 7, 2015


TUESDAY, April 7th 2015

mad men mad men.  you are bleak.  i get it - people are generally unhappy and we trick ourselves into thinking we'll grow out of it.  that one day we'll achieve our goals.  that one day i won't be unhappy anymore - everything will fix itself.   but you won't and it doesn't.  mad men proves it.  don hasn't changed.  that. is. all. there. is. soooooo thanks for that.

it also scares me seeing rachel menkens in the final season's opener.  i've always believed their relationship was the first and reddest red flag that don _is_ impulsive and motivated purely by keeping that pesky hole (well really more of a sand through sieve thing) in his heart/life filled.  chasing the possibility of "happiness" AT ALL COSTS...which could be right off a building.  can you see why seeing rachel _now_ makes me nervous?!?! especially a dead rachel.  ugh.  but i mean obviously i don't think that's what will happen (right?!).  all kidding aside death is all around don.  he has an eerily calm relationship with it that has cracked veneer written all over it.  but for now his curse seems to be to live unchanged.


- i'm glad we found peggy almost going to paris instead of crying on the floor alone in her apartment.
- i miss the la office.

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